Salt Candle Holders

Natural Shapes

Geometrical Shapes

Serial No.Item CodeProduct DescriptionPcs/Case
1NSC-1Natural (1) hole 1.5-2.5 lbs12
2NSC-2Natural (2) Holes8
3NSC-3Natural (3) Holes8
4NSC-4Natural Candle holder For Votives 3- 5lbs8
5NSC-5Apple shaped 1-3 lbs12
6NSC-6Round/ Sphere shaped 1-3lbs12
7NSC-7Square Shaped 1-212
8NSC-8Heart Shaped 1-3 lbs8
9NSC-92 Holes Heart Shaped6
10NSC-10Yoga Rectangular (2) holes8
11NSC-11Yoga 8-9" Rertangular 3 holes6

Customized Orders

Size & specification can be produced
Lamps base: wooden, marble & plastic feet are available
Private labels/brands can be placed


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